Colombia 1990-2010: Cooperation in the War on Drugs
in Proxy Wars: Suppressing Violence Through Local Agents
edited by Eli Berman & David A. Lake
Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, pp. 80-109, 2019.

Current Research

Book Project

“Geopolitics and the 21st Century Global Financial Safety Net”

Working Papers

“A Bilateral Seal of Approval: Financial Stability through Geopolitics”

“Ties that Bind: The Geopolitics of Bilateral Currency Swap Agreements”

“New Lenders of Last Resort? Examining the Rise of Bilateral Currency Swaps”

“How Economic Interests Still Matter for Trade Policy Preferences”

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2019: APSA (scheduled), IPES (scheduled)

2018: APSA, ISA, SPSA, Yale University

2016: George Washington University